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Púca sa Teach

Máire Ní Ghallchobhair


40 pp; paperback, ISBN 978 1 909907 73 7

Jeaic has a pet dog. called Lúlú. Lúlú is always trying to get into the house, and Mamaí is always shooing him out again. If that isn't bad enough, Jeaic is a bit of a scientist. He loves mixing chemicals and inventing machines. Poor Mamaí has her work cut out for her!

Jeaic has created a new chemical potion. It can make you invisible! Jeaic give Lúlú the potion and Lulu can slip into the house without being seen. But when poor Mamaí trips over Jeaic she thinks there is a ghost in the house. Poor Mamaí is frightened out of her wits.