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Níotú: An Bailiúchán Iomlán

Marc Cantin


The Entire Collection: 48 pp (x6), paperbacks, full-colour. (Sold separately for €45)

The 'Níotú' collection comprises of six little illustrated novels for the 7+ age group, six stories about Níotú the little red indian and his friends. Each book is beautifully presented in a folding cover full of information and games. Each story tells about Níotú and his friends in the tribe, involving animals and wildlife. These are books that teach the child the importance of nature and our relationship with plants and animals.

An Sealgaire Mór
Cara Nua
Ollphéist an tSléibhe
Ag Imeacht le Sruth
Béirín Dána
Ar Cosa in Airde