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An Nollaig Thuas

Aoife Ní Dhufaigh

€7.50 €6.00

64 pp; paperback; ISBN: : 978-1-909907-98-0

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Luisne is a young fairy who lives in the fairy fort of Lios Lurgain in the World of the Sí. As she learns about the World of the Sí and the World of People, she has many adventures with her friends.

Luisne and Deirdre have been invited by their Aunt Gormlaith to spend Christmas in the 'World Above' amongst the People. 'Please don't use your Fairy Tricks here,' Gormalith warned them. 'We musn't attract attention to ourselves. But when the neighbour's girls begin to bully the two fairies, they find it very hard not to teach them a good lesson!