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Leathanach as An Sealgaire MórNíotú

Indiach Dearg is ea Níotú. Tá sé ina chónaí lena athair agus lena mháthair i dtípí. Thart timpeall orthu tá treibh na dTípíona Beaga. Gach lá, in éineacht lena chairde Fataí agus Navó, téann sé ag spraoi san fhoraois, ag foghlaim faoi ainmithe agus faoin nádúr,

Trí leabhar ar fad atá sa tsraith álainn Níotú, agus na leabhair ar fad maisithe ag Sébastain Felon.

The Author

I Lamballe, sa Bhriotáin, a rugadh Marc Cantin sa bhliain 1967. Tá sé ag scríobh don óige le scór bliain anuas, agus tá os cionn 60 leabhar foilsithe aige.  Scríobh sé an tsraith Níotú i gcomhair leis an ealaíontóir Sébastian Felon.


‘You should go off too far on your own,’ said the owl to him. ‘The night is no friend to children.’
‘I’m a warrior in the Liuttle Teepee tribe. I’m looking for a little bear who has got lost.’
‘He is in ,’ arsa an t-éan.
‘Go díreach! Ná cuirimis aon am amú. Seo linn,’ arsa Níotú.

As night falls, Níotú comes upon bear tracks in the snow. The little Indian brave is sure the bear is in danger and he follows him through the forest to help him.

Níotú ran and jumped up on Pítsí’s back, and caught hold of his mane. The poney threw Níotú on his belly on the ground. ‘Ha! Ha! said Pacó. ‘It’s not easy to fly without wings!’
It’s time Níotú had his own horse, but it’s a lot more difficult to catch a wild horse and to train him than Níotú thinks!
Níotú is a Red Indian. He lives with his mother and father in a teepee. Around them live the Little Teepee Red Indian tribe. Every day along with his friends, Fataí and Navó, Níotú goes to play in the forest, learning about animals and about nature.

The 'Níotú' collection comprises of six little illustrated novels for the 7+ age group, six stories about Níotú the little red indian and his friends. Each book is beautifully presented in a folding cover full of information and games. Each story tells about Níotú and his friends in the tribe, involving animals and wildlife. These are books that teach the child the importance of nature and our relation to the wild.


The canoe was moving very fast! And the river was bubbling like a pot on the fire!
‘Why is the current getting stronger?’ said Níotú. BrrrrrrrrrRRR!
‘Oh, Mummy!’ said the little Indian. ‘A waterfall!’
Without his father’s permision, Níotú goes playing in a canoe in the river. Before long the canoe carries him away in the current. How will the little Indian come home safely?

'To make new shoes, I'll need animal hides,' said the chief of the Little Teepee tribe to his son. 'So you must give me a bow,' said Níotú, 'and I will kill the best animals in the world and get the best animal hides in the world.' Níotú is the son of the chief of the Little Teepee tribe, and he's going to show the whole tribe that he is the greatest hunter!

'Níotú saw something that put the game out of his mind. A young racoon was lying under the tree, almost hidden by the leaves. The animal raised its head. He had a black and whitre face, almost like a mask. He let out a squeel.' The little red Indian decided to take care of the racoon and to keep him as a pet, but it was soon clear that there would be problems!

'The red feather will lead you to the serpent,' he said in a whisper. The yellow feather will make you small, and you will tie the black feather to your arrow to kill the serpent.' There isn't a drop of water in the village of the Little Teepees! The medicine man helps Níotú to slip away quietly, to banish the 'cloud-eater'.