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Úrscéalta Grafacha

Réimse leathan úrscéalta grafacha idirnáisiúnta, idir mhór is bheag, aistrithe ón Iodáilis agus ón bhFraincis do dhéagóirí agus do léitheoirí fásta.

Na Leabhair is Nuaí!

CORTO SA tSIBÉIR: san úrscéal grafach is deireanaí sa tsraith chlúiteach le Hugo Pratt, tugann Corto Maltese aghaidh ar Shínigh, Sheapánaigh is Rúisigh agus é sa tóir ar ór imnpiriúil na Rúise.

AN BROC-CHÚ 2: An dara himleabhar sa tsraith nua le Hervé Bourhis atá i mbéala Le Tout-Paris i mbliana.

CÚ: Insint ghrafach ar scéal Chú Chulainn le Paul Bolger & Barry Devlin —  agus é sin déanta go spleodrach agsu go healaíonta ag an mbeirt.

AN LEATHANACH BÁN: Le greann agus tuiscint, insíonn Pénélope Bagieu agus Boulet scéal na tóraíochta seo, tóraíocht na féiniúlachta.  

Agus ag Teacht go Luath:

CÚ 2: Coimirceoir. An dara himleabhar sa sárInsint ghrafach ar scéal Chú Chulainn le Paul Bolger & Barry Devlin —  agus é sin déanta go spleodrach agsu go healaíonta ag an mbeirt (ar fáil rtoimh Cháisc).

A chance encounter with an eccentric Egyptologist, Seán Ó Tuama, takes Tintin and his faithful dog, Báinín, on an adventure in search of the lost tomb of Pharaoh Kí-Oskh. But the king’s resting place contains a secret much darker than mummies and desert sand. By following a strange clue, Tintin and Báinín fall headlong into the clutches of a gang of drug smugglers, as they unwittingly find themselves in vicious conflict with an international criminal. Translated by Gabriel Rosenstock.

Tintin and Báinín follow a series of strange clues which takes them on the trail of a dangerous drugs cartel. In their pursuit, Tintin is locked in the brig of Captaen Haileabó’s ship, the Karaboudjan – where the captain is heavily under the influence of the bottle and entirely under the thumb of his crew. With the scorching Sahara to one side and the watery depths of the Mediterranean Sea to the other, this adventure most certainly puts the lives of Tintin and his friends in mortal danger. Translated by Gabriel Rosenstock.


Gráinne Mhaol

The epic adventures of Gráinne Mhaol, Ireland’s Pirate Queen, are spectacularly brought to life in this superb graphic novel by Gisela Pizatto and Bruno Büll. Wife, mother, warrior-queen, Gráinne Mhaol Ní Mháille became an Irish legend for all the ages. Told in her own words, this is the story of one woman’s bravery and determination to endure against all the odds, even the might of the English.

The great Cú Chulainn saga now available as a graphic novel This first volume recounts Cú Chulainn’s youth, his fallout with King Connor of Ulster, and his voyage to Scotland in search of military training. A strong lively retelling of the old story, illustrated with verve and panache. This is a book that awakens old ancestral memories, ignitinig them with the fire of youth.

Finally! The last book in the trilogy has arrived and the whole Cú Chulainn epic is available as a graphic novel. In this final volume Cú Chulainn's enemies gather against him, Méabh, Calaitín, Feardia and even the Morrigan herself. To add to the slaughter the Connaught hordes are about to descend upon Ulster. All Hell is breaking loose!

A compelling tale of love and jealousy where the princess Gráinne elopes with the great warrior Diarmaid. Gráinne's hapless betrothed, the warrior leader Fionn mac Cumhaill vows vengeance, and the couple are relentlessly pursued by Fionn, whose desire for revenge must inevitably lead to tragic consequences. A fast-paced graphic novel, superbly illustrated by Michael McGrath.

A stunning new graphic novel of An Táin, the classic tale of Cúchulainn, Queen Méabh and the cattle-raid for the Brown bull of Cooley. Written by prize-winning author Colmán Ó Raghallaigh, superbly illustrated by Barry Reynolds.


SLADMHARGADH: Na ceithre leabhar le chéile: In Ainm Dé Uilethrócairigh; An Buille Scoir; Tóraíocht Eile; Na Liopard-Fhir ó Rufiji
What a life! After spending the day working as a hostess at conferences and trade shows, all that awaits Zoé at home is a rude and lazy boyfriend who sleeps in his socks! Until she meets Tomás, a writer who is running out of inspiration! This is a story about love and ambition ... and an extraordinary heroine.